I'm watching the second season again, and I'm still pissed. Good shows never last.

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Exactly!!! I can't beleive it all ended this way! Seriously its HBO just give us a made for cable tv movie that explains the rest that doesn't leave us hanging like that it's like touching evil the us remark, brilliant show I mean I loved it dearly and this happens rarely with me and tv and it lasted I think half a season before they axed it. The soundtrack alone was worth bookmarking it every week if you have no clue what I'm talking about just go to youtube and search it its worth your time trust me.

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Two whole seasons, although the second one might have been cut short. You can tell they we're a-hustling. Like, Ben looks for Scutter all that time and then he dies two episodes later? BULLPOOPY. On a stick! I love the music, too. I just went searching for Minnie the Moocher, because it was on there. Fucking fantastic show, supposed to go on for six seasons. And Brother Justin in that black cassock, or whatever it is? MMmmm. (misses Arrested Development and Greg the Bunny too.)

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