Sugar and stress leave a sallow taste in my mouth as my stomach tells me of its dissatisfaction. Trying to take a break from studying to keep my head from exploding, I log on and look for cute cat videos cause they always cheer me up. I link from one to the next, and then another after that, and then, damn you youtube, you send me to someone's touching memorial video. That's all it takes to tip me from sane and coping do near bawling. I look up Jonathan Coulton cause he makes me laugh, and you send me a video of someones dying hedgehog. Thanks a lot. I sit here and snivel at my computer contemplating what a complete idiot I am. I think I'm overtired and overstressed and worried about my boyfriend leaving for break while I stay here, and goddammit, all I needed was a nudge, and I'm gone. Fuck this shit... where's slinky cat when you need him?

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Yeah, I tried to cope with being alone, watching strange and eccentric "vloggers" on this website. It made me think, and I got to watch some dude talk about political issues while wearing an aluminum foil hat.

Hope you feel better soon ;-)

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