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It started as an odd feeling that I'd read this article before. No, I was sure I had read this article before, that turn of phrase was so familiar, this paragraph follows that and none of this is new to me. Maybe, I thought, this is an old article, reposted for some reason. But no, there it is, publication date the 2nd of May 2011. Silly déjà vú. But now it keeps happening. For at least a solid half hour I have had the completely inalienable surety that all of this has happened before, even though I know it couldn't possibly have. I have read that article, I have taken that photo, I have stood and brushed my hair and spotted some more minute flaws in the mirror, I have thought about thinking about this and it's déjà vú I know it but why is it still here? I'm thinking in circles and losing today, chasing the last time I thought these very words, typed this very thought, that comma there, yes. I don't know what I was doing before this, what I am doing tomorrow or what I did yesterday. It all feels so remote and unreal, like the past few years are some hazy dream. Am I waking up? Or falling asleep? There is a girl in the mirror, dark red hair, sleepy eyes. Do I know her...?

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