On all sides a city of shining crystal forms. Every moment another branch flicks into being, and the whole shimmers with joy it cannot contain but somehow does. I feel numb but tingle with streams of semiconscious thought, a mind overflowing with energy it has never seen the like of.

It grows and grows, knowing no bounds; this is what I was made for.

I think I might be in a bit too deep, but God, i love it. Every time he touches me my heart beats faster and it's harder for me to breathe, but it's an amazing feeling. It's like I'm on some type of drug. It's nice though.

Last night, my roommate looked over at me and asked me who I was talking to. She didn't need an answer, she could tell from my smile. It's so weird for me to be smiling, and happy; normally I'm just apathetic. I don't allow myself to care about things, but I'm liking this.

God, I'm in way too deep, but I really, really like it.


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