One: I'm a wallflower, that's just what I do. I like being around energy, but I don't really like being immersed in it. That is not my fault, and it's not your fault, and it's not anyone's fault because it's simply not a FAULT. It's just how I work. You actually might have noticed that I basically do that at every party.

Two: If I'd been drunk, I CERTAINLY would not have been sitting outside smoking. I would have been partying hard, because drunk I can and will dance for any number of hours, simply for the sake of dancing for those hours.

Three: I'm not gonna argue the depressing part; somehow you do always catch me at my worst moments. That night I was desperately trying to understand chemicals to which I was completely unaccustomed; there's no real excuse for that but it needed to happen, and it coincidentally happened then and there.

My will is stronger than my pride, unlikely as that may seem. And I'm not as oblivious as I let on. Don't forget that.


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