the sun shines down through the few leaves that remain on the tree outside my window, sparkling in the water that clings to them after the rain. in a shining balze of glory they ignite in color. they are no longer the dead brown leaves of winter. they are diamond encrusted jewls sent by God to make the world a more beautiful place. sent to give some glory back to a world ravished by human suffering and rage. the tree stands proudly wearing its heavenly jewels, glad to be a part of the joy. the way that simple moment makes me feel is how i have always wanted to make someone else feel. like, even if only for a moment, the world is no longer a giant place full of sin and strife and stolen bits of pleasure. i wnat them to look at me and when i smile i want them to feel like this earth is a good place, a place of peace and glory.

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I feel the same way!

I've always wished I could just give someone else the joy I can get from something simple but beautiful.

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