it was like i'd been seeing things in black and white before and then someone had splashed my world with neon paint.

it was a sign i couldn't ignore, an exclamation point on hunter orange.

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I forgot I had this color! But I remembered the username and password 'cause I'm really predictable! Yay!

View Thinker #ff7d40's profile thought 15 years, 11 months ago...

I feel guilty that I chose my color because I just really like orange.

I spent a good 30 minutes with Photoshop to find the perfect shade too.

View Thinker #5f1f0a's profile thought 15 years, 11 months ago...

Sometimes I wish the entire world was color blind. It would give us one less bull shit thing to fight about. I'm so thankful that I no longer see the world in colors. I don't see black people, yellow people, white people. I just see people. That's how everyone should be. I know people that make everything about race and it's sad. It takes away so much from life.

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We stepped out of the shower and grabbed our towels. She remarked to me, "Hey! Our towels match both of our Ether colors!"

And they did.

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That's kinda funny because my towel matches my ether color too

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Bloody everything matches my ether color.

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Oh yeah? Well everything bloody matches mine.

Two toms and a snare fall down a hill?

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View Thinker #77406d's profile thought 16 years, 1 week ago...

I do think of people in terms of color sometimes... not black, white, red, yellow, but the ribbons of color that seems to be shot through the cloth of their personality.

When we came here, we each chose a color. I am 277DD3, my friend is FF3399, and you have your own color, made up of 0-255 degrees of red, green and blue light. Does that color truly represent us? Or more so, who we wish we were?

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I believe that my color represents my person. I think that this lovely shade of green represents me very well : I like trees and grass and all of my green things growing.

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