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There’s a symphony outside and beyond my window.
Nature’s music gives the whole night an invisible glow.
The rustling leaves, the crickets, a barking dog, and
The rolling wind that sometimes sticks a hand
Through the screen of my opened window.

I hear the faint bells of a wind chime.
I can not hear them ring most of the time,
But tonight the childish air is running all around.
Nothing can stay still. This night just can’t settle down.
This symphony will lull me to sleep. Anyway, I can’t think of another rhyme.

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There is but one thing I like about summer and that would be all of the sudden out of the blue thunder storms.

There’s just something about all that wind! I love it! Most people I know love the water my mother and sister especially.

Whenever they need to calm down or are having a bad day its hop in the shower or drive to the beach. It’s not so easy for me.

I love the wind. I never feel as complete or happy or alive as I do standing in a wind storm. I love it. I think it has to do with feeling insignificant and unimportant like you could fall from the third floor window and no one would know or care at least until the winds died down.

I don’t know I’m having trouble articulating things right now.

That came out all wrong I think but it’s the only way I know how to describe it.

Like I could do anything at all and none of it would matter because there’s that force bigger and stronger than I am that could just wipe me out without hesitation.

I think I did a little better that time.

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