My sister and I once attempted to make an ingloo out of the snow drifts in our yard. We filled sleds with snow and dragged them to a central site to pack it into the overall pile. Ultimately it was an abandoned mission

I don't know why I remember this, or maybe I do. I think it was all the astonishing bright colors that were used to make the creation. Yes, that's it. In my kindergarten class we studied Alaska and Eskimos and we colored pictures of igloos and snowshoes (all of which were mostly white or blue or brown). But I remember this one picture that we colored. It was of the Aurora Borealis. Or, Northern Lights. The colors I used were exceptional and everytime I looked at it I felt as if I were tasting candy. I miss that picture.

I wonder how many of Santa's elves live in igloos.

An unappreciated benefit of living in an igloo is that if you ever get locked out, you can always pee yourself a new doorway.

living in an igloo must be cold


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