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why is there always someone in the shower when i have to pee?

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When I have to piss really badly, my IQ drops about 50 points. I really can't carry on any intelligent conversation with anyone when I have a full bladder. It's bizarre.

Is this just me, or is this a common phenomenon?

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Oh, I meant that to be a thought, not a comment. Whatever.

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This happens to me, as well. I can't comprehend what people are saying, a book, or my own thoughts. My brain just freezes and hits the "Maximum pressure attained!" button. 've peed in fields, and behind many a closed fast food establishment, because I just couldn't take it any more. Males are lucky, they don't have to dig through the car for something to blot with when they do some urban guerilla 3 AM peeing.

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Yeah, i hate when someone is doing laundry in the bathroom/laundry room and they know I'm standing outside the doorway, looking hopeful and a bit panicked...and they feel that it's the most opportune time to carry on a very lengthy convo with me, the full-of-piss girl, sorta eyeing the toilet like "if only we were alone together, then I would do things inside you you could only dream of!" Oh, and when I have to respond to the person trying to talk to me, my voice gets really high, for some reason...

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