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I wonder why people choose the colors they do.

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I chose mine because it reminded me of someone.

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and besides correcting my eyesight it is also my favorite color ;P

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Mine just seemed like a good idea at the time, and I have often found myself wishing I had picked a different color, though there is nothing wrong with the one I have.

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Sometimes I wish I had picked a different color, but this color helped me decide what color to get for my other account, and that color I really like.

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I like orange. It's a very fun, high energy color that stands out.

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I thought my color was pretty, but it's so similar to another color that sometimes I get angry because I can't tell myself apart from other thinkers.

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A friend of mine once noticed that a lot of her ether friends had towels that matched their ether color.

When I picked color, I had a towel that matched it.

Now I have two more, and I didn't even mean for it to happen that way.

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Wow! Now that I think about it I DO have a towel that is my color. That is so weird...

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I picked black because I didn't have a good reason to pick any color, and black was available. Kind of a simple, blank slate color that reflects my honest indifference.

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I like to give the colors names. Sometimes I think of my color as "cinnamon coral pink".

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over on another website...(it's really cool, but would be traced back to me and my blog....not a good thing) the color I picked is called Happily ever maybe. I was just thinking of my love life at the moment, and.....voila.

It's pretty, too. I like wearing it.

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