According to my friend's psychology class, there's a theory that says for a relationship to form, there has to be: 1.) Similar personalities between you and the other 2.) A reasonably close proximity to the person 3.) Something you find attractive in them.

for YEARS, the problem was me finding people with 1 and 3, but not 2.

I discovered someone last year that everyone's been wondering why I'm not dating. Why not? With her, there's 1 and 2, sure... but in all my best searching over the course of the past few months - I haven't found a solid enough 3. Only fragments of 3 that don't amount to a large enough sum. The ghost of 3. Just enough of a trail to keep me searching for one.

Now, there's the new girl, who threatens to be only 2 and 3 with an ambiguous 1. The 1 is there, for sure, but its shaky and unstable, and this ambiguity threatens to bring everything crashing down before it begins.

This numerically demonstrates i'm getting ever closer. But why am I still never dealt a fair hand of a solid 1, 2, and 3?


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