For the first time in my life, I had a sex dream about a celebrity.

Not that I'm that surprised. There's one actor I've been positively obsessed with lately... But still. I'm almost 20 and I've never had a sex dream about anyone famous (and only a couple I can remember otherwise). Why must my brain torture me?

Oh, images of unattainable sexings. I love and hate you so. Now to go back to sleep...

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Sex dreams are awesome, and a million times more so when you wake up having an orgasm!

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I haven't experienced this in quite a while, and part of me is a little sad about that

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I had a sex dream about one of my internet friends a couple months ago. We were in this apartment complex, and I busted down a door, and it was like fully furnished, but covered in years' worth of dust... and then we did it! Neither of us came though.

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We don't get to hear who this celebrity is? :-)

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Is it John Stamos? He's dreamy!

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Voting Robert Downey Jr, he is a sexy suave beast.

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