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Shark in a tank - that's what we've been discussing in one of my classes for this entire semester. It's the danger of exposing yourself to something you cannot control, in a way. It's like putting your art out on display Or writing an article and attatching your name to it then throwing it out there for the public to see....

Shark in a Tank

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Sharks terrify me. Open water terrifies me. It's the possibility that anything could be waiting for you. And much like the real world, you can't see it coming. Everytime I close my eyes and put my face into the ice cold water I see a shark there, jaws open, teeth bared. It eats me. That's their habitat.

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We finished collecting food for Food Not Bombs and were all lingering on the porch of one of the organizers. As a complete non-sequitur to our conversation, he said... "I know the best way to commit suicide." What's that? "Get a razor, cut yourself up a lot, then go jump in the shark tank at Sea World." (laughter) "Because there's no question that you won't survive it, plus you're going to make a huge mess and ruin everyone's vacation."

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