Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

I've managed to avoid going to the dentist ever since they took my wisdom teeth out - my first and last to the dentist since I stopped qualifying for free under-18s dental care at the local clinic. I fucking hate dentists and their horrible pointy tools and drills and creepy latex gloves.

So when I lost part of a filling two years ago to a sneaky toffee, I panicked thinking I had no excuse to keep dodging the dentist - but the gap stayed clean; it's never hurt or gone rank or anything. No need for dentist, I figued - I thought I'd lucked out.

And then I broke my permanent brace tonight on some White Rabbit. Pulled the end of it right out of the cement, fuck. Now I HAVE to go or I'll end up cutting my tongue on it, or some more delicate parts of my boyfriend's anatomy.

Fuck fuckity fuck fuck shit. It's not likely to be cheap either. Fucking dentists. Fucking teeth.

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There are days when I wish I had the sense to keep things to myself. There are days when I wish I had the guts to tell people things straight out. And there are days when I eat too much sugar and skip the gym.

Today was all three of those things.

...All three of these phenomena tend to result in me having weird nasty dreams where my teeth fall out and/or apart. I kind of don't want to go to sleep tonight.

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i've heard that in dreams your teeth represent your power: if you lose your teeth, you feel like your power is being taken away from you in a given situation. if someone is pulling your teeth, someone is actively working to render you powerless.

or maybe you should just eat less sweets.

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I had a dream last night that, amongst other things(dreaming that you're Power Girl is awesome btw), I got punched hard in the mouth. It cracked some of my teeth and snapped the wire cemented to the back of my front teeth and it really fucking hurt. Fucking evildoers!

When I woke up, my mouth didn't hurt but I'm the paranoid type so I went to the bathroom to check. One of my front teeth has a hairline crack right down the middle of it that wasn't there last night. What the fuck?!

I'm going to have to go to the dentist now to get this checked out, I hate the dentist ugghhh~

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Clearly, someone punched you in the teeth while you were sleeping. Happens to me all the time.

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Supposedly, dreaming about your teeth cracking or falling out (or grossly and graphically apart, layer by layer, after shifting to all sorts of uncomfortable and unattractive parts in your mouth) is indicative over anxiety over communication (your own, not others') issues, either a failure to say what you feel you need to say or to have it be heard and understood properly, or regrets over talking too much or when you shouldn't have.

Occasionally, they can also mean you have been eating too much sugar.

(I looked it up because I have a LOT of nasty teeth dreams.)

Hope your dentist visit isn't too torturous.

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Really dark purple, that explanation makes a lot of sense actually. I've been dithering recently over getting back in contact with an old friend - maybe the dream was telling me not to do it, heh.

Luckily it looks a lot better after a thorough brushing(I hate discovering I slept with my mouth open all night), and it doesn't feel odd at all so the dentist may not be necessary after all!

And Mr. Black, I'm pretty sure I didn't actually get punched in the night because my bed-buddy sleeps like a log - heavily and completely without movement :)

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