I keep getting ideas, or one liners for stories, and I keep writing them down in hopes that maybe sometime they'll pull together to form something cohesive. Part of me is ready to just give up on school and do something I want to do instead of something I feel like I need to do. Maybe, when I graduate... I'll move out, and find a part time job somewhere.... one that gives me enough time to write when I want to. Or maybe I'll go to New York or Hollywood to try my hand at acting again. I feel like every class I've taken has been one more chain or tether to lock me down to one path, but I can't be happy that way. I'm far to distractable to settle down, and hammer out problems every day. Sure, I care about people... but I think taking on other people's problems on top of my own is too much for me. I think I can handle my problems in time, and maybe the problems of my friends and family as they come... but not those of a bunch of strangers I'll have to try and fix in an hour long session. Maybe this is why I'm taking 2 writing classes in the fall... to see if maybe I'm good enough to escape... but if I'm not...


Writing is hard. I always start out with an amazing idea, and I get a few great paragraphs down, but then I don't know where to take it. Or sometimes I know exactly where I want to take it but for some reason I'm just not motivated to work on it, however much I wish I could be. I wish that everything in my mind could just instantaneously be on my computer, already written out so I don't have to take the time and effort to do it manually. Wouldn't that be nice.........................

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