It may be a good thing that I do not have a snooze button on my cellphone. I kinda do, but it doesn't always work. One morning I woke up to the typical song that my cellphone plays. I thought I'd chosen the snooze option, but no... no I did not and was almost late for class. Luckily it was still warm outside so wearing shorts and a jacket over top my .... pajamas wasn't too bad. I will never snooze again.

The "snooze" button may be one of the most gratifying inventions ever created by man. Sans the actual alarm clock on which it is usually found, which was masterminded by Satan's minions.

This inspired the thought (which inspired the longing)...what if EVERYTHING in life had a "snooze" button?

I often wish it were socially acceptable to just take a little mental break whenever one felt particular bored/annoyed/pissed off/sleepy. Which is why narcoleptics are subconscious geniuses. :)

"Excuse me for just a few...". SNOOZE

BTW..."Snooze" is just a really funny-looking/sounding word. I think Dr. Seuss came up with it.


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