I’ve got two clocks in my room; they’re both digital.
The numbers behind the transparent plastic are portraying a time.
The electricity was pulled on these clocks many hours ago.
Time stopped.
When the clocks got their electricity back, their time was wrong.
This false time is blinking on and off and on and off.
That makes this time more noticeable.
I haven’t any need to put the real time back on right now.
my time is kind of false right now too.
My electricity was pulled
it’s not my fault
I’m stuck like this
my anger comes on then off then on then off.
The flashing irritates me so I think I’ll move this time away
I’ll smash and break it on the floor
I’ll fix this time

Time is slipping away so fast. I’m afraid I’m missing so much, afraid I may not remember all of the things that mean so much to me. I hate getting older growing away from the things that I’m afraid to lose. I hate the ticking clock and I hate that when I’m gone it will keep going slowly erasing me from everything.


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