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I am making a Telecaster for a girl. I am doing this one for free, because I think she deserves it for free, she is a good friend. It will have a Stratocaster neck pickup, a lipstick tube middle pickup, and some sort of hugely metal bridge pickup, maybe a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat with alnico 8 magnets instead of the stock alnico 2. I guess that makes it one of the few SSS guitars I've ever envisioned. Also one of the few guitars with all black hardware, including the lipstick tube. The paint will be the Warmoth "dragon burst," and the neck will be the same shade of green as the outer layer, with an ebony fretboard. Mahogany body with an ash, alder or maple laminate top. And a clear pickguard. It will have a counterpart Strat because I like the idea of doing that. Same pickups, pretty similar guitar, except the hardware and pickguard will be chrome, the finish will be clear, and the neck will be all maple. This mutt is mine. Even if I had both right now, I'd prefer playing the Strat version.

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did you ever finish that one guitar you were talking about?

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Which one? The only "planned" one I've completed is the John 5 one. And then it broke, so I have to rewire it.

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ive always wanted a telecaster, but ive never found one that really struck me (or that i could afford)

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