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In my next life, I don’t care if I’m a woman or a man, or extroverted or introverted, or artistic or logical. I just want to be on the natural side of whatever I am.

I want to be cis. I either want to be introverted and autistic, or socially-adequate and extroverted. I want to be weak-willed and content, or ambitious and driven.

This being on the wrong side of everything is just awful. I don’t know that I hate me. But I don’t like being me.

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I imagine a day in the future when we finally understand that gender is what we make it. No more "blue for boys, pink for girls". No more glass cieling, no more "barefoot and pregnant" no more gendered clothing. Not even any more need to "come out" as anything, because paretns will treat their child as neutral until such tiome as the child grows and declares that they are a boy or a girl and like boys or like girls or like both or neither or whatever. And then everyone just says, "OK" and moves on with life. In such a world, you would realize that you're alreasdy on the natural side of what you are, that no person us "unnatural" because "Nature" made us all. Only human made things can be "unnatural".

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