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My future is so uncertain now. I am so afraid for what I have become and what I have done to my life that I am afraid that I have sunk so far down into the pits of life that I cannot see the surface anymore.

...and the future I see for myself and for my family and for everyone is dim.

I fear my future.

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Every college kid on the verge of finishing school wonders what life has in store for them next. Some are finishing their studies and are about to embark on the grand adventure that is life...others have no idea what they want to do. Still others know what they want but are waiting for that right door to open up.

Waiting. Waiting and watching for that door may be the hardest thing one has to do aside from actually accomplishing college or high school.

Where does the patience come from? Where do the right answers lie? How do you really know which path to take?

Have you ever had a feeling that you wanted to do SO much in life- that you were meant to accomplish so many things- yet felt life was too short?

Sometimes it's hard to ignore the future for even a minute and enjoy all the wonderful things surrounding you. Don't let all of the beauty flashing before you fade before you get the chance to savor it...

Popcorn is indeed the food for thinking... =D

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How do you tell the one person you love more then anything in the universe that you don't think your future will work out together?

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My course of action: You don't. Just let it happen. They'll figure it out eventually.

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I'm curious; if you love them so much, why are you resigned to failure? What's going wrong that you can't possibly fix?

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Maybe your future just won't work out in the way you thought it would. If you love each other, then there should be a solid foundation for having a relationship (in the general sense of the word) regardless of circumstance.

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I'm much more worried about my present. The future will most likely be better, possibly be worse, unlikely to be the same. I don't have room for the future, anywhere in my being.

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Everyone’s afraid of the future. Especially their own.

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I have to stop thinking about the things in my past.

Everybody I have ever loved, including my own mother has let me down and left me for dead.

Maybe this time it's different. Please let it be different.

I love him so much.

I want my future to be with him. I want to live and be happy.

It has to be my turn for happiness sometime right?

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Regarding the above...Never relay your happiness upon the affections of another person, they can not make you whole...only you can.

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