Transylvanian concubine.... You know what flows there like wine...

Damn vampires. Why do they have to look so cool? The classic tragic Anne Rice, as effed up as their...afterlives are, all I can think is..."My life's effed up too, without all the pretty clothes and bloodsucking and centuries to do whatever I want with my mind and other bits.

Laurell K Hamilton, if anyone has read her books, has created a world true to reality, except preternatural beasties and magic are common place, and often discriminated against. She doesn't write as beautifully as Rice, but her stories are juicy an addictive.

Damn Rasputina. I want a cello.

I want Melora, too.


Hey, I had one of those once. Definitely the highlight of my time over there. 8~J

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You also need to add Anita's sex life onto the list of completely unrealistic things in Laurell K Hamiltons books.

I miss the days back when her books had a plot. You know a plot other then ridiculous amounts of guy drama.

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