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My book is still being written. I have much ink in my mind for the pages the letters are all jumbled in my head. I could already write a novel with the million thing's I've did. From thought to fruition lacks a key ingredient. I know it not.

Books neatly lined up in a row of useless knowledge Some remain unopened Others skimmed by a searching mind A mind desperately searching for an inkling of truth In all the wrong places True knowledge lies beyond mere ink and paper It is found in the voices of those wise beyond their years Those precious few who spend their lives pursuing sanity Trying to stop the circling questions Not even realizing that they already possess the answers.

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I love to make books and then write in them. This year I learned how to create a book style and the follow through the design process to have a book all of my own. I like to write down my thoughts and ideas and dreams and ... oh wait... that's why I love the ether so much. Just last night I was sitting in a room working on a paper while the other girls were making books and book prototypes. I find it nice to release those creative processes in waves. I'll paint for a few weeks, then sketch for a while, then make crafts, then build things, and end out on a musical note.

My next book that I'm going to make is probably going to involve paper nails and saftey pins and rust and other such lovely things. If I can get ahold of scrap metal I'll probably put those together as well.... it's been a while since I thought this through....

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Scrap metal is fuckin' easy to get... all you need is a wrench and a roadsign in a semi-vacant area. I got one I'm making into a bunch of stratocaster pickguards.

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There are times when i like books more than people. Books don't dissapoint you, books don't make you cry, and even if it does you know that you can always stop reading. You can't always stop living life. Well i guess technically you can but to me it's not worth it. All I can say is that I have used my books more than once to escape my problems. I'll take the fiction in my books than reality anyday.

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I don't know how this works out at all, but I want to be a screenwriter, and love to come up with stories...

yet I don't like to read other people's stories.

I find reading fiction a complete chore but get totally totally absorbed into nonfiction.

I think it's becuase I have control of my own stories.

But the only think that keeps me fron thinking that is although I love the control I have over my own music, I still like listening to other people's music equally as much as my own if not more (more often than not)

So why written literature is different... I don't know.

Also, since someone mentioned escapism... I think I dislike escapism. I despise fantasy with 1000 passions. Maybe that's because in my head at any moment there's already 1000 worlds beyond this one, ready to be formed into the stories I plan on writing.

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most published writers will tell you to read. Read a hell of a lot. From the genre you want to write. I'm not a published writer, but I think this bit of advice is really good. It allows you see the what works and what doesn't.

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Books take you places that you could never have been otherwise. They let you escape reality, even if it is just for a moment or two. I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to be the person in the book.

I owe more than I know to my books...

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books, how can none of u have written about books?! well they're amazing...duh right? so lets see...twilight is absolutely addicting... Philip Pullman and C.E. Murphy rock my socks his dark materials is one of the best series i have ever read. and Urban Shaman is a great peice of work... and ya...

I roamed the Oxfords of Philip Pulman, fought alongside the fellowship in Tolkein’s middle earth, and reveled in the sarcasm and seriousness of the unforgettable characters created by L. Howard. I experienced the Sense and Sensibility of Jane Austen, watched the life of Jane Eyre presented by Charlotte Bronte, and lived in Forks along side the vampires from the unforgettable brilliance of Stephanie Meyer. I solved the mysteries of Van Drannen, fought for my life with the spies of Cate Dermody, and awed the unimaginable intensity of a shamanic C.E. Murphy.

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