sometimes when you dream you suddenly start realizing that every thought you have about the direction that seemingly "real" place and situation comes true.

sometimes when you "wake up" you realize it's just as true here, albeit with a bit of lag time. when you can approach this life with the same mindset you approach your dreams, don't get impatient, and remember that one day we'll wake up from here too, you find that life just sorta provides for you all on it's own.

keep your eyes peeled. don't disregard anything that happens. the magic moves in mysterious ways, doesn't always come when called but never fails when truly needed. but for it to work requires relaxation, faith, acceptance, openness, love, and balance. to approach it with skepticism or a heart of sarcasm and hate is to invite disaster, because the magic will come for you too - however, for some people it seems more intent on teaching lessons than helping provide for survival.

listen. the world is alive, and god speaks to you through the mouths of strangers and the eyes of babies, through the chirps of birds and the the seemingly random tricks life will play with possessions.

but above all remember to smile


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