Sitting in an apartment in Westfield about to go nuts. Watching my friend involve himself in his schizophrenic ways as I, alone, listen to Black Flag and Descendents to keep me from crashing my respects. Surrounded by boring, party time drug-hoods deface me and Tony’s walls with their shitty meaningless symbols which keep their life momentarily intact.

Why the fuck does Tony do this to himself. It’s all such a drag. He thinks that these part-time “friends” of his delight, amuse, and freak me out. He does this to keep himself in with our relationship.

They bore me so much. They are all so much the same it makes me sick. Stand and ovate then, future dumbass redneck rifle grippers who spend their life getting drunk, mistreating the girlfriends and wives.

He’s making out with some chick now who he probably doesn’t really know and what he knows bores him senseless. He needs somebody bad and that’s what keeps me from yelling at him on the spot.


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