I think I'm officially done chasing anyone that would run away from me.

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I'm curious as to what you mean. Do you mean people who make you put too much effort into seeing them, girls playing cat and mouse, what?

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Well, I mean people that deliberately try to avoid me. Right now, I'm a little torn up about someone that I was becoming friends with, but she abruptly stopped talking to me. It made me very sad, but then I decided that I shouldn't go to too much effort to pursue someone that's clearly trying to avoid me. It's just aggravating, because I have no idea why she's trying to avoid me. She just suddenly stopped responding to any of my correspondence.

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Oh. Yeah, that happens to me occasionally. I just pout a bit, and then tell myself they were driven away by the power of my awesome.

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That happened to me a couple months ago. But apparently she was just very busy. It actually happened with a few people a couple months ago, who were just busy. So they said!

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