So I have this stack of books that I keep the computer mouse perched upon because we have a really fucked up setup for the computer and bed. Anyway.

I had a realization earlier. I (for a while) kept picking the stack of books up to move it to the bed every time I wanted to use it from here. Every single time I did it with one hand, and the stack would slip and fall and I'd have to pick up the books, the wireless mouse (which usually ended up under the damn bed), and the mouse pad. So just now I began to pick it up again, and this time, I stopped and did it with 2 hands. I wondered why it took so long for this scenario to teach me the lesson it had been trying to. And then I saw something more in some kind of analogy for me would be I do everything with one hand rather than two. I don't know...but the though was so prominent in my head that I just can't stop thinking about it.

What do you think? Am I just baked?


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