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It really bugs me when someone talks shit about a musician or a band because they heard one single and didn't like it. Especially if they get on my case for enjoying the band, like I too was supposed to hear an unimpressive single, form a permanent, damning opinion, and never listen to any of the rest of their music.

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at the end of the week (or sometime near then) i will be living alone.

i'm so excited.

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I don't think I know how to be anything but single.

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Don't worry who these jokes will all be lost on, Come back to bed, my darling.

-The Dresden Dolls

Becoming suddenly single simply sucks. Also, it's totally my fault. Also, this is the first time I've been truly alone, not stuck in some half-assed break up where we keep orbiting each other, since I was seventeen. January 2004. Five years.

Maybe I'll like it this time. I will not slide into some crap relationship to escape. There's no need. I'm not bone marrow melting shy anymore. There are decent people around. I'll find someone.

And the two the two foolish enough to love me for what I was, you are missed, and I feel like a jackass.

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i think, even though i'm always so unhappy when i'm single ... i'm actually happier whenever i AM single.

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