They were supposed to cook for 10 minutes, but they are not ready even after 15. It's probably because I didn't put in any love this time. It's the secret ingredient!

Why does he make it so difficult for me to do anything nice for him?

Also--and I'm debating how much of an absolutely awful idea it would be to tell him this--at this point, after everything that's happened, he really should know better than to ask me to do things for him if he doesn't actually want me to.

And on a practical note, somebody needs to get these god damn things out of my suite before I eat them.

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This guy you keep talking about sounds like a real twat.

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I'm going to figure out a way to break into his apartment and put flour in his bed.

And write "cunt bukkit" on his pillow in red cake gel.

Then we'll see if he wouldn't rather have the cookies.

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