My insatiable curiosity constantly leads me to take random articles of paper offered to me whether I'd want them or not.

The part of my brain that says "ooh, what's this?" always momentarily overrides the sensible brain parts that know the paper item in question is most likely an advertising pamphlet, customer satisfaction survey, subpoena, or other undesirables.

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I do the same thing. Part of me goes "Hot damn, I bet the answer, or at least the question, is on here!" And then it's herbal penis enhancement pills. Those are fun though, you can pick a random guy, walk up, give it to him, and just beeline away.

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That happens to me, except with campus mail. "Oh wow! I have mail!" No wait, it's just a photocopied peice of paper talking about some event I'm not going to go to... poo. It's even worse when they print the ad or whatever on the same size and color paper that they make package slips from.

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