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i don't know if you built them when you were a little kid, but my sister and I did. Sometimes we would go outside in the summer with a bunch of sheets and blankets and tie them up around the trees and put one down to lay on and take a nap beneath the summer sun. Or during rainy days, create a vast fortress with numerous chairs, blankets, pillows , sheets, and stuffed guards to keep out monsters and boys.

As I grew older, the idea of safety inside a pillowed fortress was so appealing. I longed for the days when I would be able to curl up in my youth and relax away a day in the safety of the little cloth structure.

Today, there are people in Somalia, people are living in these structures, displaced by the travesty of their country's situation. To think that my safety zone is now someone's home.... hmmm

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They were built to keep people out... i should have known I could never break down your walls, I should have known, that I'd never find you calling at the door of a wall that overshadows me. I should have known not to fall for a girl who grew up in a fort and will stay there for eternity.

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