Sometimes, I think an image truly conveys the essence of an object or an idea.

Sitting here, in the dark, wearing sweat pants, a t-shirt, and glasses, hair pulled back, and leaning over my laptop... I feel as if I am truly a college student. Truly a member of this particular demographic.

I don't know how this particular setting and outfit remind me so strongly of my identity as a student... but somehow it fits... and it's comfortable.

I was recently talking to someone I haven't seen in over 10 years, and somehow the conversation got to partying. I told him that partying wasn't really my style, and he was surprised. He told me that he figured I would be the miniskirt wearing, clubbing type.

It is interesting. He has so many preconceived ideas about me, and almost all of them are wrong. Maybe that is why I keep talking to him. It is fun to see the image he has of me, and fun to tell him he's wrong.


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