My brain has leaks, and sometimes my thoughts try to drip out. If you see me blink especially hard, that's usually me blinking back a bad or uncomfortable memory/idea.

When I'm under stress, I mutter to myself... "Gosh I'm such an idiot," "oh man, I'm lost" and soforth. I don't mean to verbalize, it just happens, it's the stress leaking out in verbal form.

When I'm watching a movie or television, I sometimes talk, or come to revalations that leak out my mouth. Sometimes I mean to say things, like humorus things that add to the atmosphere of the movie watching. And sometimes it just happens, like I can't watch something and form my own inner thoughts at the same time.

Sometimes I just over express myself. I will repeat myself constantly. "I'm so excited! .... I'm so excited!" In some way, I mean to express myself... but I don't mean to repeat myself, or become nonsensical. Once I notice I'm doing it, I try to stop to avoid annoying people, but sometimes I just can't contain my excitement.

I just can't help myself... my brain likes to leak.


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