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I just found a lima bean. A couple years ago, we were having a party, and we couldn't find any hacks, and we all played anytime we drank, which was everynight. I guess I term it a party because there was blow that night, and extra people. Anyway, I decided to make a hack out by sewing up lima beans into a round piece of some Dukes of Hazzard bed sheet we found. That left us with a bagful of lima beans, which we left on the coffee table. After much more drinking, hacking, someone streaking, I think, and a bunch of people talking really fast because of the blow, my friend Sam and I ended up sprawled on the big leather sectional, trying to out drink each other. It was a draw, because we can both drink like fifty year old dedicated alcoholics, and we ran out of Jager. Then I saw the lima beans, and a passed out person on the other end of the couch, sleeping with mouth wide open. We started chucking lima beans at him. We were aiming for his mouth, and also trying to see if we could wake him up by hitting him in various spots. He had lipstick all over his torso, I don't remember who did that, but the beans stuck to that, and we thought that was funny. The next day, when the early risers were up, we kicked him off the couch, into an empty bed. Still unaware that he was covered in lima beans, he wrapped up in a blanket and shuffled that way, sending the beans into every nook and cranny. Now, every time I find one, I remember that. I'm no longer friends with Sam, so it's bittersweet.

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