I'm talking to this girl. She's not of the same race I am. It's amazing how society has branded so much of a difference into a person's skin color that it made me think I had to talk to her a certain way or act a certain way. (Not to mention my family's racist background as well. Not something I am proud of. Believe me.) I didn't know how to go into it at first because of all of that, until I told myself to fuck what everyone else thinks and what stigmas I may have had because of the way I was taught and just be myself. It's because of me finally getting over this racist nonsense that has been ingrained into my head that I have been able to be more of myself with her than any other woman I have talked to. She is an amazing person and I am glad to say I know her and am happy she found me. Fuck society's ideals of people and their skin.


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