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there's something about a deranged killer that makes me shiver with lust. not, you know, ted bundy style, but the joker style.

in "real" life i tend to fall for nice boys, sweethearts. but the villain is always irresistibly sexy to me, and every time i see another movie/read another book/watch another tv show with a crazy, cunning, deranged, powerful villain i get inexplicably lustful.

anyone else feel this way? what is it that's so damn sexy about the bad guy?

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Maybe not serial killers, but I definitely fall for the villains in both on screen and in books. For example in Heroes can't get over Syler's creepy character to find him attractive despite the fact that the actor that plays him is really hot. I did however have a huge crush on Spike from Buffy, when when he was evil.

I don't know why I am attracted to characters like that either.

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Yeah, I tend to fall for the "bad boys" too. It happens.

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Kennedy once said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

My version is this. Those who destroy my means of being a hero create me anew as a villain.

I'm having an unpleasant time. The air here is tainted with malice and suffering and I can only hold my breath for so long.

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