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I just realized that sometimes when I tell people "stay safe" upon parting, it sounds ominous. Like a veiled threat.

I mean it like "take care", but something about the way I speak makes it come out like "good luck making it to your car" sometimes.

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I don't know why, but for some reason I feel really safe when he sleeps over. There's something about being wrapped up in his arms, sharing my small blanket, and having that kiss good night that makes me feel like nothing can get me. This is more than slightly unusual for me, on more levels that I can even begin to explain...

...I didn't quite finish this before because I was worried he'd wake up and see what I was typing....

That night I told him that I liked him, I felt silly as I said it and didn't quite realize I'd said it out loud until he wrapped his arm around me and laughed and said, "I like you too, *****." It was strange. Hearing it out loud made me happy some how. He just petted my head until I fell asleep. I like that. I like him. haha

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whoa, whoa, whoa....he called you "Bitch" after telling you he likes you too? lol

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Maybe he meant it in a "misogyny is supposed to be endearing" hip-hop culture kind of way.

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