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I know that this is overly dramatic, but it's honestly how I have felt.

Since I graduated college last year I have genuinely felt like my life is over. That by not going for internships (which my adviser never talked to me about despite me asking for information), and never thinking to get letter of recommendation I have screwed myself out of having any chance of having a career.

I may have a fairly useless BA, but I still have one. I am only 23, I haven't gotten so much as a parking ticket, and as unimpressive as I may be maybe there is still someone who would consider hiring me.

I have to remember that just because I made a few mistakes and had a shitty adviser my life is not over. There is still hope for me, people start over and change careers all the tme. Who says I can't go from being a blank slate with a BA into some sort of paying job.

I just have to get over my fears. Times are hard, I have zero experience, and no connections. But I can't let that psych me out so much that I get too anxious to even put pen to paper on my resume. I have to try.

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I am also twenty-three. I have nothing to show for the past five years of my life, and while I don't have a record of incarceration, I don't have a record of steady employment or higher education either. If I finish the classes I'm taking of the summer term, that will be the first time I've ever completed a class, despite three prior attempts at college, one at BSU and two at Ivy Tech. I'm thrown away more oppurtunities than most people will ever have, and lost more people than most will ever know, at least on such intimate terms. And I haven't given up. I sincerely hope you don't, either.

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As a person with lots of experience, who's held lots of jobs, and who has lots of connections, let me tell you that you don't need any of those as much as you need a positive attitude. If you convince yourself that you're doomed, then it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you go out into the world with confidence and make things happen, then they undoubtedly will. If you feel like you're unskilled or inexperienced, there's apprenticing, volunteer work, low-level jobs, and continued college. Or just pick something that you want to do and search far and wide for an employer that would take a chance with you. What do you want to do, anyway? What are your personal goals?

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I'm too tired to tell if that's rhetorical, directed at Pinky-purple, or me.

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