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We only had a few seconds to pretend to be asleep before we would be discovered. The door knob rattled as the drunken laughers just outside attempted to get in. It was unlocked, but we were supposed to be sleeping, so they would have walked right in without a second thought. I loved the thrill. I loved the idea that we might be discovered and have to explain ourselves.

The door slowly opened, the boy said to the girl, "Shhh....don't wake them up...." From the darkness, I heard her agree. They closed the door again, the little bit of light that had seeped into the room, spread across the floor and then disappeared just as quickly as they latched the door shut. I heard them stumble to the edge of the bed where they immediately climbed in and I dared to open my eyes.

We ignored the two of them, staring intently at eachother in the darkness, knowing their eyes had not adjusted to this light just yet. The only light was the little bit of street light seeping in from the window that was covered with more things than I was. My shorts had been slid up to expose my thigh, my spagetti-strapped shirt was exposing enough without his help. He burried his head in my neck. Slowly, he moved his little kisses up my neck, across my cheek, to my lips. We were silent, and knew not to risk much. It was the thrill of having other people in the room and still getting away with all of this.

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