I can see this being a bit of a problem. I am generally a very serious person, and I am getting the impression that he isn't. Not that I don't have fun. But when I do have fun I am still pretty mature about it. My fun doesn't include acting like a little child. And I'm not saying he acts like a little child all the time, but sometimes it just happens. I know it shouldn't be a problem, but it bothers me for some reason.

Maybe it is just me being selfish, like hating that he doesn't pay as much attention to me when he acts like that.

why can we not take things so seriously, especially in regards to relationships. during our time in the education period, we all change so much and go through so many things. catastrophic events, family changes, successes failures, and yet we try so hard to be serious in our relationships, analyzing every step of the way. although i understand the need to want be serious already, why cant we just relax, go with the flow, and just havve some good fun? why must we hold ourselves back to our fears?


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