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I'm not sure why there is such an emphasis on relationships. I wish people spent half as much time caring passionately about science, or dreaming about changing the world, or worrying more about long-term affairs in politics of the world.

No. Instead, it's all about the dick and vag. We are clearly not a species meant for long-term planning. It will be our doom.

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Not all interpersonal relationships are sex based. You can still feel just as connected without jumping into bed with people. I hope more relationships like that come your way. :)

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i don't know that i can do this anymore. the thought of being with you terrifies and energizes me all at the same time. Every day the energy wins and i work through or around the fear. i don't want to be this taken by you. it leaves me with no control but for some reason i know you are safe and that everything will work itself out in the end

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after messing up so many good possibilities i've realized that i don't know how to start a relationship anymore, if i ever knew to start with. they terrify the shit out of me, but i miss the companionship too.

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I defnintely still have no idea how relationships are formed. I tried to study if there was some sort of pattern whenever my friends wound up in a relationship, but couldn't find one. It was always magic.

I still haven't ever been in one.

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I feel you. I have no idea how to start a relationship even though there are a couple people I wouldn't mid starting one with about now. I'll let them slip away because I really don't know where to begin.

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I'm afraid that if my curent relationship ever ended I'd be completely stuck on how to find someone new. I have no idea how this one started; it just happened one day.

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