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Tofu can bring out the worst in people. My friend and I were going to get tofu but a bunch of stuff happened so that we didn't get it untill about 2 hours after we ordered. I don't understand why people get so upset about food. It's just food. I understand that we need it but it's not everything.

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Tofu is one of those masters-of-disguise in the food world. Its taste and texture totally depend on the way that it's prepared. It's health benefits are fantastic, being one of those veggie protein sources containing all necessary amino acids.

There's a Thai restaurant in Broad Ripple (hope it's still there!) that serves some simply killer fried tofu with peanut dipping sauce. It's an appetizer, but just get two orders and you're set for awhile.

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Tofu, if made right, is amazing. The trick is it has to be made right... you can't just slap tofu in something... tofu has no taste of its own, and needs to be prepared with stuff that properly gives it a taste.

This restaurant near where my sister lives serves like, seriously the most orgasmic tofu dish ever. Orgasmic.

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Tofu is rather tasty. The first time I had it, a friend of mine was making stirfry and put some in without telling us. I loved it. Then, later, another friend of mine was having some from China X in the village, general's tofu....I absolutely enjoyed every last bite. However, it's not for mother tends to dislike it. But oh well, ro each his/her own

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