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I wonder, what is the taste of a college party night?

Is it cheap beer from a solo cup? The tart shock of lemonade, the burn of discount vodka; Clear rum and bargain brand cola?

Or is it the taste of flesh? Mouth on the skin, sucking away liquor; Tongues slip-sliding-touching for the first time; Lips and teeth, taking in the flesh of the neck and shoulder?

Could it be the flavor of smoke? Marlboro reds, Camel crushes, Cloves or hookah?

Or maybe, the night is summed up in the morning, as I reach for my toothbrush and toothpaste, praying they can take away the taste of stale beer and bummed cigarettes.

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I have a friend that loves food. Actually, that's an understatement. He WORSHIPS food. I have never known anyone that loves food as much as him. It's a little ridiculous. It kind of freaks me out. He will plan his meals weeks in advance. And he's constantly eating. Constantly. I swear one day he had three different good sized meals within two hours. I don't understand how anyone can eat that much. I can't believe that he eats because he's hungry. I think he just eats for enjoyment. He reminds me of a fish actually. As long as there is food around, he will eat. That can not be healthy.

He and I were talking today, and I developed a theory about why he loves food so much. I think he suppresses his sexual urges and they manifest themselves as a love for food. I know it's a little Freudian, but it makes sense. As much as "normal" guys think about sex is how much he thinks about food, and if you have ever seen him eat a piece of cheesecake, you'd swear you were watching something inappropriate.

I really think he might get off on food. When he eats, especially when it's something he really likes, it seems like he has an orgasm. It's really disturbing.

And the way he eats really bothers me. I have seen him lick a plate clean. Why would you do that? I understand wanting to get everything, but that's going a bit too far. You are almost 20 years old. You don't lick plates.

I don't know, maybe it freaks me out so much because I don't like food very much. I just think it's a little extreme.

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