My boyfriend has dry skin, so every time he gets out of the shower, I watch him smear a bunch of lotion all over his torso and arms. Sometimes I say something in his general direction to inspire a laugh or two out of him, doesn't always work, but I try.

For some reason or another, whenever he's done with that, he comes over and gives me a hug or kisses me on the forehead, towel still wrapped around his waist. If his roommate isn't in the room I make comments or do something that would be inappropriate in company. We have a good relationship, I think. I mean, we joke, we laugh, we have a good time. I mean, it's not like we never disagree or fight or anything like that, but we don't yell. I think we have fun, we have tender moments, we have silly moments, like a few days before he left for the summer, he was getting dressed and his boxers' button was not buttoned so I started laughing and he asked what was up, so I told him that his penis was poking out. It's especially funny because in order to situate himself, he jumps around in his pants, so it's just floppin around and I'm laughing. then again, when I do that my boobs go flying everywhere and he laughs at me.

I really enjoy him. He makes me incredibly happy. But back to texture : For some reason I really like the texture of his hair, his beard, his skin, lips, ears, et cetera. Laying in his bed, soft blankets and pillows around us, lending their comfort as I look at him, coaxing him either into sleep or, well, my pants. It really depends on what's going on.

Even though I'm on BCP, we still use condoms, makes us feel better I guess.... double protection = less likelihood of unwanted children. But he bought these ultraribbed condoms and I absolutely love them. The texture is amazing, which when coupled with his enthusiastic thrusting just provides me with pretty amazing orgasms... sometimes two or more in a short session. Afterwards he's not all gun ho let's do something else, he lays down beside me, or I lay down beside him, and he strokes my skin. His hands are soft, but he doesn't do a lot of construction with rough materials like wood or tools that are for larger projects...he works on computers.

...I don't know why I wrote this

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Well, I think that you wrote it to get it out of your head...but I especially found what you wrote about him "flopping around" to be entertaining.

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I like textures. I like things that are tactile, that, even if I am not allowed to touch it, I know that I could and it would have a texture.

Especially in my art.

Glass, bottle caps, various paints and brushes, glitter, garbage in general, and then the mediums that I can put these things on : cardboard, fabric, paper, canvas, etc.

I also like the textures that people have on their persons, not just in their clothing but their skin and hair and alterations/modifications, scars, etc. I like to touch peoples hair, faces, arms, shirts, tattoos, etc. I don't know why. I think it gives me a greater feeling of understanding

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I need to think more about textures for my screenwriting. My favorite screenwriting teacher (although it's a tough call as they've ALL been amazing) said I gotta think about the textures of things as everything is 40 feet tall on the screen...

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