I am experiencing a weight not even oxycodone can lift.

i promised myself i'd never get this fat.

guess who's going to have to start watching what he eats?

fuck college.

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Yea, at one point in my life I swore I would kill myself if I ever hit 200. I'm so glad I didn't follow through.

Hang in there, everyone gains weight in college.

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My friend is going through the same thing. Luckily for him, he's lost 20 lbs since being home from college.

I wish you luck in maintaining your desired body weight. (That sounded lame, but it sounds better than, "Good luck not being a fatass, fatass.")

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That's strange that your friend lost weight coming home, because I swear that's where I gained my freshman 15. I mean, I couldn't overindulge in cafeteria food because it was gross... I think I actually lost weight for a bit... but going home, and having someone buy treats and good food.... I was doomed. Good luck with your weight watching endeavor.

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