Amazed has always been one of my favorite love songs. Just something about it...

We danced to Amazed tonight. My heart was being so fast. It was the last dance, and he chose me. He even sang the entire song to me! He messed up some of the words, but that just made it more adorable. He kept pulling me closer to him. I wanted to kiss him so badly, but I didn't...

Too bad he did this with other girls during other slow songs.... I KNOW that he is a flirt...but for some reason everything he does makes me feel so..special i guess is the word.

I wish he would give me a clue if he likes me. I don't think I can handle him messing with my heart like this much longer.

And yet... I don't want it to stop...

(I feel like a freaking little girl!)

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I won't talk to him because I KNOW that he is just messing with me. I know that he doesn't like me, any more than he likes the other girls that he danced with... And I can't handle hearing something like that in spoken words...

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