So there are a group of us that help out with new people. When we first started the job it was great. We all got along, it was really fun, and it was just good. Now, I think that the initial love that was there is starting to dwindle. Don't get me wrong I still love everyone, but I'm just starting to get annoyed. I'm starting to notice the flaws in people that was masked by the initial love. Some people are so whiny (this is my major problem), and some people are so demanding, and some people don't shut the fuck up. My God they just keep fucking talking, even when we're trying to run a meeting. What is up with that? Then, we have those that are so damn power hungry that want to just run everything even though they are not in any position of power. Get over yourself. I know that I probably get on other people's nerves too. I am definitely not saying I'm free of flaws but jeez. Ok, I think that I'm done ranting now.


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