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I thought that if i couldn't spend the rest of my life with her that my life was over. that I'd found my one and only true love, that no one could ever replace that. I would have given up the clothes on my back, the dreams in my pockets just to make her happy.

And one morning I woke up and she wasn't there, and she'd left me for someone too horrible to mention, and I thought that I was going to die. I felt like jumper, the tallest building in the middle of my college campus looked like a good place to start. But I looked around and I looked at all the people who deserve my company more than she ever did, who wanted to spend time with me, because they liked me, not because they needed everything or wanted to take everything.

I was worried about how I would handle living alone, being without her, I looked at everything as an ending. But I came home tonight, to my new apartment where very few people know where I am, and I realize I've only started. I have only begun to scratch the surface of what's to come and maybe it took getting my heart ripped out to realize no one will ever take my sense of dignity, no one will ever have my pride.

I will not be on my knees in agony in front of this situation again. I've stood up brushed the dirt away from my knees and kept on walking. I will move on, i will go to great places. Where will she be? nowhere, just like she planned.

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Good for you! I remember the exact moment when I came to a very similar conclusion. It feels like shit, but you still know everything'll be alright.

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