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My little sister and I got this brilliant Idea. Well she really conceived it I just helped put it into motion. You see we've never had the pleasure of experiencing the joys of a slip n' slide and so we went in search of one. We figured it would be easy considering its summer time here but it wasn’t. We actually had to drive to another state! Anyway that’s not as bad as it sounds considering it’s only a fifteen to twenty minute drive. Anyway thirty-five dollars later and two hours grumpier we finally arrive home with our new toy. We set it all up fill the little wading pool and run the hose through the hose spot that brings the whole thing to life. So of course I won’t go first my sister having spent the money on the damn thing and having been excited for over two weeks about this little adventure she jumps at the chance to go first. She gets ready stepping back five to six feet she gets a nice paced run going jumps slightly lunging her body forward hitting the plastic belly flop style sliding head first into the wading pool. The look of pure pain on her face was priceless. Ah sweet summer fun. I didn’t bother after I watched that train wreck but we did manage to convince my niece and little brothers to lube up with shampoo and then slide just like my sister did. I have never been so amused by a piece of plastic and water in my whole life.

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