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She went to the bonfire not expecting much. She brought a flask, but it turned out there were several bottles of booze, and lots of beer. She shared her cheap vodka with people, then filled her flask with expensive stuff, and put it in her car. She had expected the air to be full of smoke and bullshit, and instead the quite hissing of a nitrous tank mixed with real, interesting conversation. She danced around the bonfire, her long skirt swirling, her long hair flying out and around her, the color of the flames intensifying her own red hair. She wouldn't let the music stop. When one person moved their car away, afraid the battery would run down, she'd ask another person. Her own car, she had run completely dry. She didn't care, she'd get a jump in the morning.

I watched her. Something about her...

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I've been listening to a song called "Burn" by The Cure a lot lately. It's from the Crow Soundtrack. The song as a whole is very interesting. To anyone who has read the comic books of "The Crow," you probably appreciate it far more than the people who have just seen the movies. In various sequences the crow is wispering to Eric "Don't look...." or "Don't watch her..." the lyrics say, "Don't look, don't look, the shadows cry" and later "don't wake at night to watch her sleep..." and towards the end "Just paint your face, the shadows smile." I really like the song, but, I guess I'm just in one of those states of being right now where correlations between things seem all the more enlightening.

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